How To Learn Spanish Fast

Have you ever wanted to learn to speak Spanish? Maybe you thought about it but decided against it because you thought lessons would be costly or take far too long. Sitting in a classroom, practicing with a teacher isn’t the only way to learn another language. Here are some ways to learn Spanish fast!

learn spanish fast

– Study with a partner!
One of the quicker ways to become conversational in another language is practicing with someone who already knows it. Of course, not everyone has a friend or family member that knows the language they want to learn but don’t let that stop you! Go online and find yourself a Language exchange partner! You’re not the only one that wants to learn a new language. If you’re reading this then you probably speak English. There are tons of Spanish speaking folks out there that would love to practice their English with you and would gladly practice Spanish with you in exchange. If you can’t find someone local to do this with, there are sites out there where you can find a language partner and work with them over Skype.
– Podcasts and Audio Courses.
Another way to learn a language from home is by listening to audio courses and podcasts! There are podcasts like SpanishPod101 that offer courses for people of all skill levels. If you have a smartphone you can listen to these podcasts anywhere you go, so you can practice anytime you have a few spare moments.

– Take a class.
Okay, I know I said sitting in a classroom wasn’t the only way to learn and it’s not, but it is a good way. If you do want to try the classic, classroom setting then check your local community college, they likely offer courses! If you would rather work from home, there is a ton of online tutors you can work with 1 on 1 over Skype.

– Get repetitive.
There’s going to be words you’ll use more often in a conversation than others. Repeat them and repeat them often. A good place to start is by learning the 100 most commonly used words. Work on them until you can speak, read and write them without struggling to remember what they are. It sounds boring but it’s a good way to learn! If you want to really immerse yourself, you could always change the language on your phone or tablet to the language you’re trying to learn. That way you’re encountering the words you want in a familiar setting!

– Spanish Language Meetups.
This is a fun option! Because of the popularity of the Spanish Language, many cities have language meetups. At these, a group of people come together to learn and practice a language together. That means that you can practice Spanish with actual people and help them learn something too. This might not be an option unless you live in a big city but it’s always worth checking into!

There are a lot of ways to learn a language, find one that works best for you and your schedule and you’ll be having conversations in no time!